Friday, 31 August 2012

Here's to a new beginning

Today, officially, summer is over. It passed so quickly that I can't believe it. 
To be honest, I feel some resentment, but thinking that we have a fall beginning, which will surely bring new opportunities and events, energizes me ... Furthermore, the weather began to please me.

I hope this autumn will bring me also, inspiration to do and to write only interesting things and I wish you all the same.

P.S. I got many compliments wearing this shirt today. Is it that nice?

Shirt::Vintage Authentic Western Youngbloods / Jeans::Unkown Brand via Miniprix 
Sunglasses::New Yorker / Belt::Orsay / Bag::Reserved / Shoes::No name

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fall-Winter 2012 wishlist

Fall-Winter 2012 wishlist

A fost şi va fi... Iris

stânga - Cristi Minculescu [sursa -]
dreapta - Toni Şeicărescu [sursa - www.aiciprv.rol]

This post is only for Romanian readers. 
Don't worry, there's no secret in what I'm writing, but you wouldn't understand it, because it's about a famous Romanian band who's main singer decided to leave it... Below, I'm writing a personal opinion on this matter.

Se pare că Iris nu va mai fi ce a fost...
Aceasta nu înseamnă că va fi ceva rău... dimpotrivă...
Eu cred că Toni Şeicărescu va fi o gură de aer proaspăt pentru formaţia Iris. Eu personal l-am auzit cântând live şi cred că are o voce cu un potenţial imens, care se va plia ca o mănuşă pe repertoriul Iris.
Nu mă înţelegeţi greşit, îmi place foarte mult şi Cristi Minculescu şi chiar cred că este o pierdere pentru formaţie, dar dacă aceasta a fost alegerea sa, eu cred că trebuie să o respectăm şi să mergem mai departe, nu înainte de a-i mulţumi pentru clipele minunate pe care ni le-a oferit, prin multitudinea de melodii create şi prin atâtea concerte suţinute.
Până la urmă orice răsărit are un apus şi e bine ca acesta să se facă în plină glorie.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to routine

I usually don't like to talk about my outfits.
I'm sure everyone can look at the pictures without having to read some
insignificant descriptions.
But this time, I want to share with you some details about the skirt I'm wearing

1. belongs to my sister.
2. I gave it to her as a birthday present.
3. $ 50 of the skirt's value was assured by a voucher that I won.
4. I wore it 3 times, so far.
5. sister wore it once.

Although it is a great skirt is very difficult to wear. Is voluminous, you must be careful
continually not to catch it somewhere. When you need to climb or descend stairs you risk to stumble and fall, if you are not careful. It keeps you very warm and can't be worn when outside are over 35 degrees Celsius.

Regardless of these shortcomings I love it and therefore I host it with love in my wardrobe.

P.S. Even the top has a story, but I will tell it in a future GIVEAWAY post.
The winner for the DIY bracelets GIVEAWAY is Alice Albert, from Alwand Blog.
Don't be sorry if you didn't win because soon I will start a new GIVEAWAY and maybe then you will be lucky.

Top::NAF NAF / Skirt::ASOS / Sunglasses::New Yorker / Bag::Etienne Aigner (vintage) / Sandals, Necklace, Bracelets::thrifted

Saturday, 25 August 2012

On top of the world - part II (final)

I'm spending my last days of vacation with M. doing general cleaning around the apartment.  
Yes, I know ... uninteresting ... In any case, not what I wanted to write you about...

I wanted to tell you that the vacation is coming to an end and now I realize that I haven't worn makeup in two weeks, I haven't done ​neither my manicure or my pedicure in two weeks, I have grown roots and the bangs grew so much that I can't see well anymore... Stay calm, I don't look like the caveman, although this is what the
description kinda denotes ...

For two weeks I was natural ... a thing I wouldn't be able to do nor in a thousand years in a working period. No makeup, no manicures, no hair styling... it's like I would lose my Mojo ...I would be Samson without his hair... I couldn't concentrate to matters of work knowing I'm careless about the aesthetic aspects.

So, the last two days of my vacation will be dedicated to the above issues, not the other, but I miss doing an outfit post ... I can't even remember when I did it the last time.

Does it ever happen to you something like this?

A little father and son love ♥

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On top of the world - part I

I was telling you in the previous post that we have a beautiful country ...
I continue my pleading and as a proof I bring to you the pictures from this post.
I enjoyed to spend a few days to the seaside, but I felt true relaxation only when I reached the mountains.
It is an almost orgasmic sensation to be on top of the world, to lie down on a pasture and simply look at the sky. I felt this sensation repeatedly throughout this holiday and I loved it.
That's a vacation!

Caraiman Cross - 2291m

Monday, 20 August 2012

Romanian Black Sea Coast

Many readers of this humble blog are Romanian like me, so they know what Romanian seaside means {just between us, I'm always rediscovering it}.
However there are readers from outside the country to which I really want to show {actually brag} we have a beautiful country {to bad it is inhabited... just kidding}.
My pleading is not supported just by these pictures, but also by the ones we will take to the will  just have to wait a bit and you will see the wonders.

The first pictures show you Adi the Funny {for those who do not know, our son}.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Beautiful sister

Having a sister is not always the easiest thing. Over the years we had our share of disputes, most of them caused by the difference in age, nearly six years. Each has a strong character and an opinion that must be imposed.
On the other hand, positive things have happened also.
Sister is someone you can rely on, which helps you unconditionally, with whom you advise with, with whom you share the same failing passion for fashion, with whom you exchange / loan clothes, with whom you commute daily, with whom you make bracelets, with whom you share the same interest for the IT domain and so on.
It is clear that the pluses are numerically superior to the minuses.

If you want to know more about her you can read here and afterwards you can enjoy the present shooting, made ​​in collaboration with talented young lady photographer, Aneresia White.

P.S. A quick reminder for the fact that we have a GIVEAWAY on the roll. You don't like those bracelets? I assure you they are very hip and made with lots of love.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vacation time

Vacation is in full swing, yet I realize it passes very fast.
We have one more day to spend to the seaside and afterwards we will go to the mountains in order to cool off and breathe some fresh air.
I can hardly wait to reach the mountain crest, lie down on the green grass with hands behind my head while looking at the sky. What could be more beautiful and more relaxing?

Bag::Takko / Sunglasses::New Yorker / Hat::Reserved / Top::thrifted / Shorts::thrifted

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I do not know about you, but I'm a big fan of weddings. It represents an excellent opportunity to escape from everyday life, socializing and having fun.
Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the wedding of a work colleague.  

The decor was idyllic, the atmosphere touching ... and the grooms were beautiful and in love, exactly the way they should have been.
I wish them all the best in the world.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

DIY bracelets GIVEAWAY

As promised last week, from today I will start a new giveaway. This time, the stake is the set of bracelets from the images.

All you have to do is either follow me via Facebook or GFC and leave me a message here on the blog,
letting me know the channel and the id you're following with. Optionally, if you want to be contacted by me in case you win, leave an email.

The giveaway ends on 26/08/2012 and is INTERNATIONAL.

Winner will be chosen via
If more than 100 participants enroll I'm going to give another set of 3 bracelets at the winner choice, from here.

Aşa cum am promis săptămâna trecută, începând de azi, o să demarez un nou GIVEAWAY. De data aceasta, miza este setul de brăţări din imagini.

Tot ceea ce trebuie să faceţi este să mă urmăriţi fie pe Facebook, fie pe GFC şi să-mi lăsaţi un mesaj aici pe blog, în care să-mi spuneţi canalul şi id-ul cu care mă urmăriţi. Opţional, dacă vreţi să fiţi contactaţi de mine în cazul în care câştigaţi, lăsaţi şi un email.

GIVEAWAY-ul se încheie pe data de 26.08.2012 şi este INTERNAŢIONAL.
Câştigătorul va fi ales prin
Dacă se vor înscrie mai mult de 100 de participanţi o să mai dăruiesc încă un set de 3 brăţări, la alegere, de aici.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Show must go on

Keeping a blog active and interesting it's a work which isn't always easy. To some people this comes up by itself, without too much effort, because they have stories to tell, because they have interesting things to show, and to others, this comes with a lot of sweat, in the absence of interesting events in their lives.
To be honest I think I fit somewhere in between. There are times in my life when I could write one post every day, but there are times when many days in a row I am very busy with work and family activities, that I no longer find the time to put any thought in writing.

However, I really want to continue writing because I believe my opinion worth being expressed and, why not, followed.

Sunglasses :: Takko
Necklace :: No name
Shirt :: No name
Trousers :: Cropp
Sandals :: Zara
Bracelet :: H&M

Monday, 6 August 2012

Our life in terms of food

In terms of food we have a pretty good routine. When there was just hubby and me, everything was very simple, we improvised something on the spot and there was the meal. Since our baby was born, we had to have some predictability regarding nutrition.

The specialist in our family is hubby. He grew up in a family with 3 sisters from which he learned many things. To be honest, I think he also has a passion for cooking.

From the posted images you may notice that we don't eat specialties, but it is so tasty that it's hard to refrain from.

Roasted chicken with grilled vegetables

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oh, life...

I suppose  most of you know, by now, what life is about. One day everything is sunny, and only positive things happen, everything goes in the right direction, and suddenly, the clouds appear in the sky and the storm hits.
No matter how much we think about the possibility of something like that happening to us we move on saying it's not possible. And yet, when that something happens, we can't believe it and we ask ourselves why me?
That's the story of my past few days. Unfortunately, for now, I can not give more details, but I can tell you not to worry, nobody is about to die.

I said in a past post that a creative wave hit me again ... actually not only me, but also sister Mirela. Notice below the results of this creativity. Thanks again for
DIY (do it yourself) tutorials, without them my life would have been infinitely more difficult.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

10 things you didn't know about me...

  1. I'm aware it's not okay to drink coffee on an empty stomach, but nevertheless, every morning I find myself doing that.
  2. Once I start something I can't stop until I get it done.
  3. I identify myself with the slogan never put off until tomorrow what you can do today and I hate the slogan postpone it until tomorrow maybe it will solve by itself.
  4. I like to think about me that I'm a patriot, however I wouldn't hesitate to leave my country if it wouldn't allow me anymore to earn my daily living.
  5. I'm guided by the principle, if in the past six months, maybe even a year, you haven't added anything to your CV, it should raise you a question mark.
  6. Ambition and seriousness are my defining features.
  7. I like to eat, but I don't value food. I wish I could take a pill that could provide all the necessary proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc.. without going through the trouble of cooking and washing dishes after ... it's such a waste of time ... which could be invested in more spiritual activities.
  8. After giving birth I had some extra kilos, so I persisted and managed to get off 10 kg by diet and sports ... At the end of it I was too thin... I'm currently satisfied with my weight, but I would love to have firmer legs.
  9. I want very much to start my own business and without modesty I believe that I would be great at managing it.
  10. Until last Saturday I had an Olympus compact camera, now I have a Nikon D5100 semiprofessional camera. {I must confess that with this camera you could look as ugly as Cruella Deville cause in the photos you will look as beautiful as Snow White}. I highly recommend it, it is a life time investment.

Dress :: Takko
Belt :: Reserved
Sunglasses :: New Yorker
Sandals :: No name
Rings :: H&M
Bracelets :: Zadin