Sunday, 29 June 2014


I'm the kind of person who has the capacity to ruin herself the day, since early in the morning. And you must know that I don't have to insist very much in order to manage that. It's pretty easy for me!

I was telling you at some point that in order to get to the place I work, I have to travel every day 60km both ways. The road is relatively easy, with few obstacles or traffic jams. That is why I have some time for thinking and introspection.

One day, during the thinking, I remembered a meeting I had. Most of the meetings I attend, require that I speak English. There are days when I speak so much English at work, that when I get at home at night and want to buy some bread, it feels more natural to ask it in English than in Romanian.

I think of myself as a good connoisseur of the English language, but not even half as good as I would like to be. One thing is sure... I try hard to be as fluent as I can be and not to do flagrant mistakes.

But... back to the main topic...
What I remembered was that I wanted to say at some point "gentlemen and ladies" and instead I said "gentlemen and gentlewomen".

First thing... is there a good English connoisseur among my readers who could tell me if what I said is accepted on any planet?
Second thing.... How do you react at the involuntary vocabulary/grammar mistakes of the people with whom you interact? Do you feel like laughing? Do you overlook them? Do you correct them?

The thought, that the people who heard me saying "gentlemen and gentlewomen", rolled with laughter, is hunting me.  And the thing that frustrates me the most is that I knew how to say it correctly and I didn't remember it then, when I should have, but 24 hours later...

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Monday, 23 June 2014


Azi am plăcerea să vă invit la un concurs în care veţi putea câştiga geanta pe care o port eu în imagini.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lost and found

Last Sunday I lost my phone or at least this is what I though.
I was in the dressing cabin of a boutique, I was pulling my trousers and it fell from my pocket. I have the perfect image of that second in my head and that's it! I don't remember anything else. Total black-out. It was 7 PM.

Around 9.30 PM, I decided I would like to use my phone. When... surprise... I didn't have it. I used my work phone to call my personal phone. The phone was ringing, but it didn't ring inside the house. I called client support and got the number blocked in order to disable the possible dials.

My mind was thinking something like... ok... this is some kind of punishment for a bad thing I did. Maybe yes, maybe no. I went to bed.

The next day, in the morning, I asked someone to go to the respective boutique and ask if they somehow found it. Unfortunately, they didn't. I remembered the previous experience, when I had forgotten the bag with two phones in it, on a bench in the park, and the person who found it gave it back to me. I couldn't understand why this time it didn't happen the same.
Why would someone enjoy someone else's misery?
It seems so absurd to me to find something and take it, knowing very well that you could have given it back.

My mind has a funny way of running. It is always looking for justifications for the experiences it is going through. It accepts many things, but never without a previous inner analysis.

In the evening, while I was coming back from work with my personal car, I started thinking and managed to shoot a conclusion. Maybe I was meant to lose it because someone else needed it and couldn't afford buying it. I surely afford buying a new one. I didn't like it that much either. In addition, I know that I'm lucky enough that everything it is taken from me in an unfair way, gets back to me tenfold. So, I said: case closed!

I swear to you that 5 seconds after I said all this in my mind, I looked at the passenger seat from my right and guess what? There was the phone.

Have you ever lived something like this?

P.S. In case you are wondering why I didn't see it until then, the answer is quite simple. The passenger seat was 10 cm more up front compared to my seat and the angle of vision was limited. Practically, the second I bent, I saw it.

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The length of your comfort zone

I admit that in the recent weeks I've been a rare presence in the blogging world. The reasons are quite objective and I'm confident that you will understand me when I'll tell you that when you have a full time job that consumes at least 10 hours your day, a family that needs your attention and care and a house turned upside down, priorities are completely different.
I love this activity and I realized that I'll hold forever the microbe in my blood, but it's clear that there will be times (hopefully not too often) when I won't be very active, neither in terms of writing and responding to comments on my blog, nor in terms of reading and commenting on other blogs.
The good part is that I see the light at the end of the tunnel and most probably house renovations won't be  lasting more than two weeks.

P.S. Do you know how long it's been since I wanted to try such a combination: floral dress, denim jacket and suede ankle boots? I think from high school. :D It feels good that I finally managed to wear it.
I admit that the length of the dress is on the verge of my comfort zone, but ... what the hell ... if you are to over-analyze every detail, especially in this period of intense daily activities, you go crazy. I had to try it!

How is it with you? Which length of skirt ensures your comfort zone. When it becomes not OK to wear short skirts/dresses?  Does it depend on age, on how many children we have, on the husband, on the way we look? Please enlighten me.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My other me

Well... here is a face I haven't shown too many times.
The reason why I'm showing it now is because I'm wearing contacts ... It's been a few years since I haven't worn them and after a recent visit to the eye doctor office, I decided that it would be interesting to try them again.
Now that I'm wearing them I can tell you that it's not as I expected... I'm used to my face without glasses... so I feel different, I feel like people around me look at me differently... I really don't understand why I feel this way! I'm sure I need a period of adjustment.
On the other hand, it's also very cool ... I don't have to look after my glasses anymore, I can try a sophisticated makeup, I can wear an evening dress and not feel weird because I'm wearing the hipster glasses.

P.S. Now tell me your opinion. Have you ever worn contacts? Do you like wearing them more than glasses?
Did you have any problems wearing them?

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