Monday, 28 July 2014

What it feels like for a girl...

I thought for a while whether or not to write about this topic, but in the end I decided to write... because it's important to open our eyes to see what is happening around us and learn something.

I've been in contact for three months with a person whom I thought was a boy and whom I treated accordingly... just to find out that the person is actually... a girl. The person presented herself with a short name (e.g. Alex), which is not unusual. If she would have presented herself with the long name (e.g. Alexandra), I wouldn't be writing this post now.

The issue came to light when I saw the name in writing. I was willing to stick my hand in the fire that it was a typo... it seems my hand would have burned badly...

I felt something weird from the first moment I came in contact with the person... because of the childish voice... I even asked: how old are you?
And the look... 100% male: male clothes, male shoes, short hair cut, no make-up.
The only clue... we met a few times in the girls bathroom. The first time I don't remember exactly what I said, but I'm afraid that I said: No problem, I enter the boys bathrooms from time to time, too. The second time I said, with an ironical tone: Caught you here again....
Now that I look back, I feel totally stupid. On the other hand nobody ever caught my attention and the person really looks like a boy. If she really wants to look like a boy, I congratulate her, she does it great from my point of view!


I have no problem with the idea that a girl wants to be a boy. I would say that I find really admirable how she managed to accomplish this. People don't choose how to be when they are born, but they can choose how to live. If the man was born in a wrong body it doesn't mean that he is less intelligent, less beautiful or less sociable.

We, the "normal", we must understand that in nowadays society it's very hard to be "different" and accepted at the same time. And please assign the idea of "different" with other things too... like autism, like Down syndrome etc...
Try to do an imagination exercise. Put yourself in the shoes of a person who has one of the problems mentioned above. How does it feel? Is not that easy, is it?

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Monday, 21 July 2014

No pain, no game

Two weeks ago I attended a wedding. The ambiance was so entertaining and the music was so good that my feet still hurt because of how much I danced. The last time something like this has happen to me it was 6 years ago, at my own wedding. I danced so much that day, that I didn't feel the need to go to the toilet for the entire duration of the wedding, which was at least 15 hours... and two weeks after the wedding I couldn't feel the sole of my feet... Can you imagine that?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sorry when something like this happens after a wedding. This is somehow normal when you attend a wedding in which you really have fun... but... the thing is that this Saturday I have to attend another wedding and I'm telling you... I'm afraid... I'm very afraid... :D My feet aren't fully recovered...

Did you ever experienced so much fun in a wedding that you had to endure sore feet for two weeks after the event?

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Shopping tendencies

I don't know what is happening to me, but I recently came to the conclusion that on-line shopping doesn't attract me as it used to.
It would have been nice to say that shopping in general doesn't attract me, but obviously this is not the case... although, to be honest, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to stay clean for a month and avoid shopping... :| Is there anyone else who accepts the challenge?

But back to the main topic... I visit Kurtmann and Miniprix on a daily basis, looking for treasures, but I don't fall that much into sin. I think the pace of orders is a quarter compared to the same period last year. Even ZARA, MANGO, ASOS don't tempt me anymore... the thought of having to wait a week or two, but also the risk that the pieces may not fit me, often prevent me to place an order.
Ironically or not ... even though I'm a professional shopper... this year I had a few failed experiments with sizes. I'm not totally discouraged, but for now I need to take a timeout... most probably I will pay them a visit in autumn...

The difference of pace, compared to last year, is successfully completed by shopping in local stores.

How come did this happened?
Out of convenience... Out of haste... Out of need for change...

I'm usually shopping out of need, but I sense a tendency of change in this regard too and I don't like it. Shopping for pleasure. It's stupid that I feel somehow guilty. I'm just spending my worked money. The thought that on long term I could actually use those money in more constructive purposes, instead on clothes, haunts me... that is why I hope to keep my moderation!!!

How is it with you? Are you shopping out of need or for pleasure? Do you feel the need to become more moderate? What kind of shopping do you prefer?

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Vacation plans

I decided some time ago that each year I'll spend the holiday in a place that has to leave an imprint on my memory. I firmly believe that the memories and the spectacular landscapes that impress us and remain in our mind, are the greatest wealth we can raise over life and I tell you honestly that I want to get filthy rich  from this point of view...

Finding places that have the ability to do that is not at all complicated. Not if you're connected to social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, which invades your news feed with all sorts of photos of spectacular views.

The location we will visit in a few weeks caught my attention since last year. This year I couldn't resist anymore. I told myself that I need to see it with my own eyes. Therefore... ladies (not gentlewomen) and gentlemen... the chosen location is Greece, Santorini.

If you've already been there I'm waiting your opinions, tips, tricks. If not...tell me about your holiday plans. Where are you planning to spend your vacation? If you already had your vacation, please share your impressions...

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Wedding season

Every time I need to attend a wedding the questions start popping in my mind:
What dress to wear? With what accessories? How should I style my hair? What kind of make-up should I put on?

I don't attend to often special events and when an opportunity like that occurs, I embrace it because it gives me the chance to wear more spectacular outfits than in day to day life.

I have the dress from the pictures for almost a year now. I bought it for another wedding, but I couldn't attend that wedding any more so I kept it with the label on, until now. To be honest, I consider the dress to be some kind of barometer for the way I look... meaning that... from time to time I dress with it to check how I look. If I don't like the way I look when wearing the dress, then I start loosing weight again.

The sandals are a sin I committed 15 hours before attending the wedding. I really wanted something comfortable and in order to achieve that I spent 50 Euro. I'm sure that if I would have thought about this a week earlier I would have spent at the most 25 Euro on some similar ones... It doesn't matter now because they really were comfortable. They were a good acquisition.

I really wanted to do something special with my hair, not to fancy or complicated, but my usual hair stylist was booked on that particular day, so I decided to keep it natural.
I said it in the past and I will repeat it once again. Nowadays, having a good hair-stylist is almost as important as having a good doctor. If you find the person who knows what to do with your hair you need to keep it with your teeth.

The make-up is another story. I'm no make-up artist, but there are few chances to do something and not like it. That is why I usually prefer to keep the manicure, pedicure and make-up to myself. I've been doing it since I was a teenager and I will continue to do it as long as I live.

Now it's your turn. Do you embrace special events? Are they a reason for stress? Who handles your hair, make-up, manicure, pedicure before attending these events?

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June - daily outfits

The way I dress or the way I look represents for me a source of self-confidence. I feel more confident when the way my interior looks is synchronized with the way my exterior does. Of course this is a personal way of seeing things, not necessarily good and not necessarily good to be followed.

There are days when I'm very fond of the way I decided to dress (most probably you too had days when you didn't like that much the way you dressed or when you had the impression that it would have been better to wear a different pair of shoes, for example).
Those days (when I like the way I dressed) I would like to have the necessary time to take professional pictures and afterwards to write a post about  my more or less exciting daily experiences.

Obviously I don't have the time to do that. That is why, starting two weeks ago, I've made the habit of photographing myself in the mirror before I leave the house, in order to show you my choice for the day. I don't know how long I'm going to take this initiative, but as long as I take it, I hope you'll find it useful and inspiring.

P.S. I'm writing this post especially for the persons who follow me only by email, but also for the persons who wanted to know from where are the clothing items I wore on those days.

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