Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Like, Love, Need, Want

Like - I have just discovered this website with leather handmade accessories. I don't know why, but I developed a big passion for handmade... Maybe it's because since we started the Inspired by Zadin project I became more aware of the necessary effort to design unique things for special people.

Love - Although it's been a year since I bought my DSLR I must admit I still feel love whenever I have it in my hands or whenever is looking towards me... :-)
This might be the best investment I have ever made. Don't think of starting a fashion blog if you don't have one.

Need - Believe it or not, I don't have in my wardrobe a good old pair of Converse sneakers. Luckily I found this cool place where to buy such a pair.

Want - I recently bought a white top. I like it very much and it was a real bargain but I can't wear it without this type of bra, which by the way looks really awesome.

 Like | Love | Need | Want

Sunday, 28 July 2013

That's a first!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that on 26th of July husband and I had our 5 year wedding anniversary. Yey! {If you are curious to see us as groom and bride click here or here.}
That called for a celebration which we certainly did. We went to dinner just the two of us and obviously had a lot of fun. Of course, we couldn't miss taking some outfit pictures.
I was very persuasive with honey and convinced him to switch roles with me.  {That's a first!}

I felt great as a photographer, but how do you think honey felt as a model? The answer is obvious... CLUMSY! But we had a great laugh so it totally worth.

P.S. You know I'm always militating for being stylish in a decent budget range.
Do you like my dress? Well... I bought it from a second hand shop with less then 2 euros. I'm telling you, it was love at first site. Of course I had to change all 7 buttons because one was missing, costing me another 4 euros, but still... 6 euros?... that's a bargain. Sometimes I fell as if I'm the luckiest girl on earth.

How do you feel about buying second hand items? Do you think it's a tabu subject? Are you ashamed to enter a second hand shop?
Dress :: David Warren | Sandals :: Fullah Sugah via miniPrix (bought at 70% off)
Clutch :: Local store | Necklace :: H&M | Bracelet :: H&M | Sunglasses :: New Yorker

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Do you find time for your hobbies?

These days I'm going through a very busy period both personally and professionally. This doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, on the contrary ... I'm a permanently embracing challenges. My only problem is the duration of the day, which is only 24 hours.

Under these circumstances passions go into the background. I have a feeling of guilt in this regard, but I don't want to apologize. Whenever my life gets busy I can't find all the necessary resources to be performant in terms of blogging. I feel as if I suffer from writer's block...

I dwelt a bit even until writing these lines... wanting to write about the passion for reading, or about blogs that make me happy when reading them, or about the astrological signs under which we are born and the truth behind their predictions...
Every time I got stuck after the first sentence although in my mind the ideas were endless.

But don't worry about me, I'm like a Phoenix bird and will reborn...

How is it with you? What daily challenges prevent you from taking care of your hobbies?
Top :: Blonde & Blonde via miniPrix | Trousers :: Cropp
Sandals :: ASOS | Belt :: via miniPrix | Bag :: Reserved | Sunglasses :: New Yorker

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How do you feel about wearing the same dress twice?

When it comes to events the first question that pops into women's head is what will I wear? For men it's always so easy but for women it's always so complicated.

Take my example. Over the years I've come to own a dozen of dresses, but still when I have to attend a wedding, for example, I find myself in front of the same dilemma: Should I wear this? Should I wear that? 

Of course I could buy a different dress for every new event, but that would be totally inefficient and to be honest I'm not some movie star who will have to handle the after event press criticism.
So... I'm definitely into wearing an "old" dress.

Sometimes I handle this problem by asking myself weather or not the participants to the event have already seen me wearing the dress I intend to wear. If the answer is no, then I will clearly choose a dress I wore in the past.

You too have seen me wearing this dress before but in a different presentation.
The use of different accessories changed entirely the aspect of the dress and made me feel special.

Now tell me about you, how do you usually handle these situations?
Which of the two combinations did you like better?
Dress :: Fullah Sugah via miniPrix |  Bag :: Fullah Sugah via miniPrix | Sandals :: Manas
Belt :: MOSSA | Necklace :: H&M  | Sunglasses :: New Yorker

Monday, 15 July 2013

Shop the second dress "Inspired by Zadin"

Today I'm writing a new page for the Inspired by Zadin story.

I would like to think we made a good impression with the first dress and that you see potential in our initiative to make a dream come true. If not, I assure you that you haven't even seen 10% of what we can achieve. Probably Corina, our first client, thinks... this is arrogance...
Just kidding of course, she knows what I mean and truth be told Corina has become not only our first client but, I dare to say, a close friend, who asks nothing in return and who supports us with sincere and constructive opinions. I repeat... all this is happening by default...
Isn't it nice to know that there are still such people on the face of the Earth? Who give without claiming to receive something in return.

Corina promised she will take a picture in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, with our first dress, and she will send it back to us to see it. Now, while writing, I realize that the dress will get to Paris before me ... Hmmmm ... I'm kidding again :-). It is an honor to know that and I'm asking you to believe in everything I'm writing because it's really happening.

As I told Corina, in a private message, even though I won't sell another dress I'm still a winner... I won her and I hope one day she will be confident enough to show the world how she really is... although I could be really selfish and keep her just for me.

P.S. What do you think about the second dress Inspired by Zadin?
Starting today, the dress can be found in the Shop section of this blog, together with our other creations.

Dress :: Zadin
Sandals :: Manas | Clutch :: Local store | Belt :: is actually the strap of this miniPrix bag (Be creative!)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Be creative! {Cum să puneţi în valoare o rochie aparent banală de pe minPrix}

If you are passionate about fashion, like myself, then you definitely know that in summer you have to have at least one white dress. This is not my first attempt to buy a white dress. First, I bought this dress from miniPrix and I really had my hopes high. I had in mind an outfit with leather boots...  When I got it, I was disappointed because it didn't look as I imagined. It was too transparent. I returned it, but didn't lose hope.

Two weeks ago, while browsing the miniPrix website, I saw it. It didn't seem so transparent and I decided to give it a try. The dress had so much potential in my eyes.

When I got it and try it on I realized I wasn't mistaken about it's potential. I knew I couldn't wear it having that length, so I went to my professional friend, Sorina, who also does the Inspired by Zadin dresses, in order to have it made asymmetrical. The attached pictures show you the final result. This is an outfit I wore to a civil wedding ceremony.

Dress :: Fulla Sugah via miniPrix  
Belt :: Vintage | Sandals :: JEKO via Depurtat | Bag :: via JOYZ (local store) | Sunglasses via miniPrix

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

American blogger

I recently came across a cool and brave initiative called "American blogger".

On short, Chris Weigand, a very talented documentary film maker, will travel (over an 8 week period) across US in his airstream, to meet and interview American bloggers. He will be filming and documenting his journey the entire way as well as taking pictures. The main objective of this journey will be to share the beauty and emotion about the bloggers community. Once he is completely finished, the movie will be sold on iTunes. Follow his activity, I promise you won't regret it.

What's more interesting in the whole story is that Chris's wife, Casey, mother of three, manages with great success her own blog and business. She is a great model in life, a superwoman actually, and worth being followed too.

T-shirt :: ASOS | Jeans :: Frox via miniPrix | Sandals, Bag, Sunglasses :: Local Store

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


More than a year ago I was writing:

Seeing these pictures has made me think about the centaur. Half human, half horse.
Here instead, I see the head of  a beautiful woman on a man's body.
I'm hypnotized by the beauty of this face and at the same time I'm stunned to find out that it's a man behind it.

The text was in relation with Andrej Pejic an Australian androgynous model.

A few weeks ago I saw on TV another androgynous model, this time Romanian, Răzvan Firea.
Once again I was amazed by what I saw... that hair, those eyes, those lips, that face... BEAUTIFUL!

How would you feel to be a woman and at the same time a man? It's a blessing or a curse? Are you open minded about this topic? How would you feel to know this is what the future holds for us... Human beings with both man and woman characteristics... Can we handle it?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shop the "Inspired by Zadin" dress

Thank you for the feedback given regarding the first Inspired by Zadin dress. It gave me the opportunity to realize how do you see the dress, but also to bring you some clarifications.
I noticed that many comments were about the length of the dress. This is how it was designed and it's perfectly normal to not be on everyone's please because we all have different tastes and perceptions. All I can say at this point is that it is not the only model of dress we have thought of. We are building brick by brick, and at some point we will be able to offer a model for each of you. You have to be  patient, to follow us and to support us with constructive opinions and ideas.

That being said, I give you two of my best friends.

Irina is 30 years old, she is married and has a beautiful 2,5 years old son. She is 1,73m tall.
Daniela is 31 years old and she is going to get married in 2 weeks. She is 1,60m tall.

The girls helped me offer you a different presentation of the dresses in order to further enlighten the readers in regarding their proportions. Because, yes.. there are two dresses.

Irina wears the exactly same dress I did in the previous post (L size). Daniela wears a smaller size (M size). 

Starting today the two dresses can be found in the Shop section of this blog.

P.S. I take this opportunity to thank them for modelling for me. It was their first time and they did great. Their help is invaluable and I will be forever indebted. This is how we wrote another page in the Inspired by Zadin story.

Girls helped to give a different presentation dresses in order to enlighten further on the extent of their readers. Because, yes ... are two dresses.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Inspired by Zadin (final act)

I have kept you in suspense until now and I thank you for all the comments and messages of support. Words are poor to say how much it means to me.

If you are a loyal reader of this blog then you definitely know that one of my greatest desires is to become my own boss. I believe in my ability to manage a business and I have a weakness for fashion.

The instant I received the e-mail from Anamaria I felt it was the spark that lit the fire.
I dare to think that we are becoming closer friends every day and that is why we agreed to meet on August 15, in Paris. Anamaria currently lives in Germany and because, accidentally or not, our holidays overlap, we decided to meet face to face at that time. Until then, intense discussions take place between us, so that Ana's special talent for fashion design, combined with my project manager skills, are not wasted. The story would not be complete if I didn't say that there is a third girl in the picture, named Sorina, who helps with the technical part. She is the professional who gives us advise and implements everything that Ana and I dream about fashion.

Now it's time to ask you...

How many asymmetrical  dresses have you seen? Dozens? Definitely... it's a trend approached by many designers. But did they have a story?

Did you know that this dress was made...

for a woman who doesn't have a perfect figure?
for a woman who doesn't have perfectly flat abs?
for the woman wearing it to feel free?
for the woman wearing it to feel the coolness of the summer mornings?
for the woman wearing it to feel special?
for the woman wearing it to feel sexy?

In fact... this dress is not about me, nor about Ana, nor Sorina...
It's about US, women, and about how can we do something with our lives to improve it, to show that when there is passion, ambition, work and support, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

 I'm looking forward for your feedback.

P.S. This was the final act of the first play, from now on we will write endlessly...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Inspired by Zadin (act 3)

Today the story begins to take shape...

Have you figured out what's the story about?

Tomorrow it's the final act...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Inspired by Zadin (act 2)

Today the story continues...

I don't know what we will become over the years, but at this time I want this to remain written ...

We are taking SMALL STEPS, we have BIG ASPIRATIONS, we want to LEARN, we want to CONQUER...
Help us write the story endlessly ... BE A CHARACTER in it ...

On tomorrow...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Inspired by Zadin (act 1)

Today the story begins...

Have you ever read the "And here's how a dream starts to come true..." post?
If the answer is NO... then you should really READ IT, otherwise you won't understand anything...

Tomorrow the story continues...