Sunday, 30 June 2013

To bloggers

If I were to take part in a blogging conference, one of the topics I would like to talk about is the commenting back routine. To be clear, I'm referring to the commenting back on the other person's blog, not on your own blog.

We all know that many of the persons who comment on blogs have their own blog. So I'm wondering, how do you proceed?
Do you comment back to all the persons who comment on your posts?
When it's OK not to be commented back?
When becomes justifiable not to comment back to your blogger readers?

Let me tell you my own opinion on this matter. I personally comment back to 98% of my blogger readers. I'm not commenting when I don't have anything to say, when I don't resonate in any way with the content of the blog, when I'm too busy with the daily activities, when I feel a bad connection with the person who owns the blog, when I see things I don't like, when I feel the content is made up... and the list could continue.

We all know that blogging is becoming a business nowadays, so I'm wondering do you ever sell your soul to the devil?  
Do you comment to other blogs just to bring a person to see yours?

I would be a hypocrite not to admit that my comments are a way to be known better and thus to be followed. Let me show you an example... A while ago, I left a very sincere comment on Dana Budeanu's blog (a famous Romanian designer) and didn't expect to be taken into consideration, but a few days ago I was amazed because she decided to answer publicly to my comment... so... the impression was made...
Once again, I would be a hypocrite not to admit it was a very welcomed publicity. People asked Google "who is Zadin". How cool is that?

Hope everyone got the essence of this post and I would really appreciate to read you opinion on this matter.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Life is full of beauty...

One of the reasons for starting this blog was the desire to share with you, fine people who read my blog, my vision over what is beautiful in the world surrounding us. If this vision over the beauty around us could give me the energy to live without having to eat anymore I would definitely leave my job, take my family and travel around the world till the end of time... Maybe one day all this will be possible and I will be the happiest woman on earth...
...until then, here you have some of the photos we took in our recent vacation to the Black Sea. I wish that these pictures reflect my soul in the last days and give you a feeling of GOOD. ♥

P.S. In case you wondered, the photos were taken with a NIKON5100 semi-professional camera with NIKON 55-200mm f/4-5.6G AF-S DX VR lenses.
The camera can also be found here: Nikon 5100 (NIKON 55-200mm f/4-5.6G AF-S DX VR)

Saturday, 22 June 2013


I was telling you in the previous post what kind of person I am in matter of pieces of clothing...
Today I decided to tell you what kind of person I am in matters of LIFE. The answer is simple. I'm a FIGHTER...
I fight for my dreams, I fight for my beliefs, I fight for justice, I fight for love, I fight for a better world... and this is how all we should be to our last breath.

P.S. Now while you're all reading this I'm probably lying on a sunbed and enjoying a cocktail on the seashore of the Black Sea. Again, I'm not telling you this to be bragging but for you to realize that everything is possible when you put your mind to it and you work really hard to obtain it.  In other words... if you are a FIGHTER.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This time it's not classy

If I were to say what kind of person I am in matter of items of clothing I will definitely say I'm a JEANS freak. Maybe it's because I had one pair when I was in high school or maybe it's because I'm sick at some level... but I have around 20 pairs of jeans: boyfriend, skinny, flare, blue, black, gray... you name it.
Am I special in any way? Surely not. Is there someone who doesn't like jeans?

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cum am învățat să comand de pe miniPrix? (Romanian readers only)

Sunt sigură că pentru cititorii fideli ai acestui blog nu mai este un secret că sunt o mare fană miniPrix.
De ce am devenit o fană miniPrix? E simplu, pentru că mi-a permis să-mi cumpăr haine calitative la prețuri rezonabile și care adesea aparțin unor branduri cunoscute.

Majoritatea observațiilor care vin de la cititori mei se referă la disperarea că indiferent cât de mult ar căuta, nu găsesc nimic pe placul lor. Dragi astfel de citititori, am fost și eu în această situație, să-i zicem ingrată... până când am ajuns să împart biroul cu niște fane miniPrix cu ștate mai vechi, care evident m-au pervertit. Am văzut la ele și apoi puțin cât puțin am început să înțeleg cum stă treaba, până când am devenit sportivă de performanță, cum îmi place mie să spun.

Trebuie să menționez că abilitatea mea în a găsi piese de îmbrăcăminte este ajutată și de imaginația mea... o imaginație cu care nu m-am născut ci pe care mi-am cultivat-o de-a lungul anilor din pasiunea pentru modă și din miile de site-uri de modă pe care le urmăresc. Atenție... nu aș vrea să rămâneți cu impresia că mă cred o mare specialistă. Învăț în permanență și încerc să nu fiu ridicolă purtând în același timp ceea ce cred că mă reprezintă pe mine.

Tricou negru - Jolie, mărimea 38 (alegerea mea) :: Jeans boyfriend - Frox, mărimea 30 (alegerea surorii) 
Tricou alb - Hoi Polloi, mărimea 38 (alegerea mea) :: Jeans skinny - FUGA, mărimea 31 (alegerea mea)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I can't stand...

... the incapacity to speak to the person in front of me as if he was my equal... only because he has the pretense he is a boss...
... to be told: "beginning yesterday you are no longer in my heart", without being given an explanation or at least a reason for not being able to give me an explanation...
... the unidirectional dialogue... we are two, but I can't say anything because you don't allow me or because you are to tired by your own speech and now you don't have enough energy to listen to me...
... to see people thinking they are always right and not giving others the chance to tell their own vision over truth...
... to see rich people criticising poor people because the don't have the right accessories or because they don't wear a certain accessory according to their standards...
... to be repeatedly defied, although I'm continuously saying the working schedule starts at 8 o'clock and you continue to come at 9.30... only because you are an arrogant spoiled brat...
... to see the refuse of many of my Romanian cocitizens to emancipate.

P.S. I will allow myself to give a piece of advice:

Respect yourself in everything that you do and you will learn to respect the people around you.

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Monday, 10 June 2013


Today I wanted to write about beautiful views, about life challenges, about wanting to see into the future, about knowing the reason for which everything happens the way it does, about knowing the right thing do do, about knowing the right path to take, about reason for being happy, about reasons for being mad, about being thankful... instead I choose to remain silent... but only in words not in mind...

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Friday, 7 June 2013

And here's how a dream starts to come true...

I was telling you in my previous post that starting this blog may have been one of my best decisions in life.
There are many reasons to support this idea and one of them is shown in this post.

I received a few days ago an e-mail from a girl named Anamaria with the subject "Reason of inspiration"... At first I was intrigued...
Of course I opened the e-mail immediately and started reading it. I was overwhelmed by the content, by the intention, by the importance I was given... Me... the simple girl with the complicated mind. This is HUGE!

The e-mail consisted of some special words and the drawings below.

Anamaria, the super talented girl who did all these drawings, told me she felt inspired by me... to CREATE. She told me these drawings reflect the way she sees ME.
Do you understand now why I felt overwhelmed? If this is the way people see me, then I'm definitely on the right track for success. Sorry if I sound a bit cocky.

I believe that everything happens for a reason in life. So I'm thinking... What if we used all these drawings as a point of start for a business collaboration? Our first clothing collection...

I really need your feedback on all this...
How would you have felt if someone told you you inspired them?

P.S. Anamaria currently lives in Germany and manages her own blog. She has many interesting things to say and worth being followed. Why don't you pay her a visit? be continued

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Yesterday was a good day because...

I managed to prevent an accident from happening by paying extra attention and pressing the brake pedal in time while a woman was crossing the street without looking both left and right...
I finally got my car washed and, it may seem a bit stupid, but it gave me a good feeling...
I know that in less than 3 weeks I will be on a beach enjoying a cold drink with my top 3 favorite people on this earth: son, husband, sister...
I had a talk with someone who made me realize the key to my future is in my hands... And should always remain there...
I realized that starting this blog may have been one of my best decisions in life.

The skirt I'm wearing can be found in the Shop section of this blog.
The credit for these beautiful photos belongs to my husband, who took them, and to our great Nikon camera.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Like, Love, Need, Want

Like - bicycle chair for kids. Me and my husband love to ride the bicycle. Since our son is too small to ride at the same rhythm with us, the chair is the best solution.
Love - sandals. Words can't express how I feel about these sandals. 
Need - solar protection cream, SPF15. In less than 3 weeks we are planning a weekend getaway to the Black Sea and I don't want to get sun burned.
Want - dish washing machine. Is there someone who likes to wash the dishes? I didn't think so... Luckily I have a loving husband who often spares me, but I'm a loving wife too and I really think we should make an effort and buy one...

Like - scaun de bicicletă pentru copii. Eu și cu soțul meu adorăm să ne plimbăm cu bicicleta. Și pentru că fiul nostru este prea mic să pedaleze în același ritm cu noi, aceasta pare a fi cea mai bună soluție.
Love - sandale. Nu pot exprima în cuvinte ce simt când mă uit la aceste sandale. 
Need - cremă pentru protecție solară, SPF 15. În mai puțin de 3 săptămâni plănuim o escapadă de weekend la mare și nu vreau să fac arsuri.
Want - mașină de spălat vase. Este cineva căruia îi place să spele vase? Mă gândeam eu... Noroc că am un soț iubitor care mă scutește adesea, dar și eu sunt o soție iubitoare și cred că ar trebui să facem un efort să cumpărăm una...