Monday, 30 July 2012

Sister's story

I talked several times about my husband and about my son ... but now is turn to talk to you about my sister {sonny's favorite auntie}.

She is 23 years old, she graduated Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, from University of Bucharest, and she is, at the current time, a Java programmer. In other words, she also works in the IT industry. I think I have been a source of inspiration, in in this regard, for her {just between us, she would never admit it}.
Currently, she is between relationships {it sounds more elevated ... I wasn't suppose to say she hadn't a boyfriend}. Men who went through her life {don't imagine they were dozens of them} weren't able to appreciate her for what she really is: a beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, good, sexy and an excellent cook woman {at this chapter I think it would be good for me to get some inspiration from her}.

To be honest, probably they feel intimidated by the whole bunch of qualities. But there's no problem, I'm sure Prince Charming is on his the way to her. Meanwhile, she strives to be a kind of JAVA guru. Good luck sister, I support you in all your projects.

In case anyone is interested, she is 1.78 m tall.

P. S. Thank you, Mirela, for the demonstrated patience during all those photo sessions, but also for your continuous support in everything I do. I ♥ you.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Today we start a new GIVEAWAY in which one lucky girl will get the ASOS dress below. The dress is new {it has the label on} and it's a dress I purchased some time ago for an event. I didn't get to wear it because it was a bit short for me {I said and I repeat, I'm 1.83m height}. Size is UK16, but I encourage you to attend whether you find the size convenient or not. You can give it as a gift or you can adjust it with the help of a tailor, it shouldn't be very complicated, it only has two lateral seams.

How can you participate?
You must be a follower via GFC or Facebook and leave me a message below with your name and email address in order to be contacted later, in case you are the winner.

Winner will be chosen via
The giveaway is international and ends on 03.08.2012.

P. S. The original link with the dress, from ASOS, is here.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let's ivatherm it - campaign finish

I know that I wasn't a very active campaign partner, but that doesn't mean I wasn't here in the shadow to visualize opinions, impressions and primarily to test the products entrusted to me by Ivatherm via my friend Florentina .

Is the end of the campaign and I also have to express my personal conclusions.
I read the campaign journal (IV) and I'm sorry to see that one preliminary conclusion questions the existence of the campaign partners.
Dear representatives of Ivatherm I exist and I've been Florentina's partner in this campaign. We talked about the products on several occasions, we tested and we shared
conclusions to one another, and to our office colleagues. I know it's not credible if there aren't any pictures, but sometimes you let yourself carried away and you don't get to take pictures ... On the other hand, it's in vain to put pictures took without pleasure and sincerity.

In any case, I got to test the following products:

1. high sun protection spray;
2. Herculane thermal water; 
3. fluid foundation. 

Testing conclusions are:
The spray for high sun protection is the product I used the least. By the time I received it I already passed through several tanning sessions and would have been pointless to use it since my skin passed the first test of tanning. Later, when the tan diminished, I got to test it and the impression I remained with is that it is efficient against sun burn, it rapidly enters the skin, it's easy to roll, it smells good. The only drawback is that it leaves your skin sticky, but it might actually be a good thing because in this way is more water-resistant. Finally, I can say that this is a product that I would buy in the future.

Thermal water is a product I used whenever my skin got irritated in contact with nickel metals, I used to set the makeup, I used to get a cooling and calming effect on the face,
when I sat in the sun. Regarding its effects, unfortunately they seem imperceptible. Finally, I can say that is a product that I would not necessarily buy.

Now we got to the most interesting part, namely the foundation. Before trying Ivatherm I used for several years, Affinitone from Maybelline. I submitted it to all kind of tests. To get a better idea, I even applied one foundation over half of my face and the other foundation to the other half of  my face. Undoubtedly, it passed almost all tests and I can say it has some advantages: it lasts longer, it has a creamy texture, it allows me to calibrate the amount of foundation I want to apply on the face, it has a very good coverage. Unfortunately, I cannot apply it without first applying a foundation primer. Although it is very creamy, without foundation primer it's a bit difficult to apply it and I'm tempted to use more.. It's price in comparison to Affinitone is superior, but considering it's a dermato-cosmetic, I don't think it is unjustified. Finally, I can say that is a product which I will certainly purchase in the future.

Thank you dear Ivatherm and dear Florentina for helping me to go through my first cosmetics
testing campaign. It was an at least interesting experience.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A very happy four years to you

Four years have passed since we became husband and wife.

In these four years, things haven't been always pink, but you know what? That's life, with ups and downs, and I love it as it is and I wouldn't change it for anything in this world.

We are made ​​for each other and I wish to get to celebrate our 60th anniversary, surrounded by grandchildren, in a mountain lake house.

I love you and our son more than anything in this world. Don't you ever forget that.

Happy anniversary!

P.S. If you can't see the wedding video due to music rights, please check out my Facebook page. The movie is also uploaded there.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Must have dresses (2 of 5)

I promised some time ago that I will make 5 proposals regarding must have dresses in every girls wardrobe. I shall take to what I promised and here, today, through polyvore, I show you proposal number 2.

I'm aware that this combination is way too expensive, but I couldn't resist selecting all these pieces. It was a similar feeling as when I played with dolls. It is clear that playfulness still lies within me.

I hope you like the combination.

P.S. My first proposal can be found here.

Must have dresses (2 of 5)

Am promis acum ceva timp că o să fac 5 propuneri de rochii must have în garderoba fiecărei fete. Mă țin de ceea ce am promis și iată, azi, prin intermediul polyvore, vă arăt propunerea numărul 2.

Sunt conștientă că această combinație este exagerat de scumpă, dar nu m-am putut abține să nu selectez toate aceste piese. A fost o senzație similară ca atunci când mă jucam cu păpușile. Este cert că spiritul ludic încă zace în mine.

Sper să vă placă combinația.

P.S.: Prima mea propunere poate fi văzută aici,

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My retro kinda look

The weekend is over. For me it was a relaxing one.
We took a little trip to the country side, we cleaned the house, we cooked and we took a walk {in the photos is the outfit I had}.
For short, we charged our batteries for the following week and which promises to be quite busy.
How about you? How did you spend the weekend?

Sunglasses :: New Yorker
Bag :: Reserved (you can find it here)
Shirt :: No name
Skirt :: Liz Claiborne (vintage)
Sandals :: No name

Friday, 20 July 2012

ASOS products review

Yesterday, I received the ASOS order placed about a week ago. It came earlier than they estimated. The order had only three products, two of which are integrated into my yesterday evening, walk outfit. The third product is a pair of jeans {click here to see them, if you are curious}.

Conclusions are the following: 

1. The jeans are UK14 (42), and they are too big. If they were UK12 (40), they would have been perfect. 
2. The jeans are coming up to the ground, but I could never wear heels without being ridiculous {I admit that with my height of 1.83m, I had some pretty high expectations}. 
So, I analyzed the situation and to feel 100% okay wearing them, I'm going to adjust them both in terms of width and length {my luck is that they have some spare material at the bottom} 
3. The top is perfect. It is a UK12, but I think UK10 would have been good too. 
4. The sandals are borderline in size and I'm convinced that if they were boots or shoes I wouldn't have been able to walk with them. I'm usually a UK 6 (39), but not to risk, when I'm doing online shopping, I buy UK7 (40), and now I realize that if I were to place another order on ASOS, in the future, I should take a UK8 (41) size. That's a bummer. 
5. All products appear to be qualitative. There is one drawback to the sandals, because they leave black marks on the skin after you take them off. I have to rub a lot to get off the black marks. 

Basically I could return the products, but I would bear the cost of sending them and given that the products were not so expensive, I would go at a loss.

I hope my conclusions will help you if you want to order from ASOS. If you have further questions I will gladly answer them.

P. S. ZIPPER GIVEAWAY winner is Mira. 

I also appreciated Ela's comment and the ambition to read 40 of my posts in one night and give me feedback for each of them. Therefore, Ela, you will receive at your choice, but afterwards Mira decides, another 3 zipper brooches. Congratulations to both of you. I will contact you to establish the sending process details.

Top :: Asos (can be found here)
Shorts :: Pull and Bear (via Miniprix)
Sandals :: Asos (can be found here)
Sunglasses :: Bershka (via Miniprix)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

D.I.Y - Bracelets

Inspired by the DIY (Do it yourself) section from honestlywtf blog, I decided to take on initiative and manufacture a set of 10-15 bracelets to wear constantly on my hand.  I'm a fashion blogger wannabe {and not just that}, so this is justified.

So, I purchased the necessary accessories from specialized websites (e.g.
ornamentea) and I got to work.
The beginning was
quite difficult, but now I'm able to show you my first three works of art.

What are the advantages of such
First, financial. The costs for such a bracelet is around 1 euro ~ 1.22 U.S. dollars. The
manual labor is mine. I'm somewhat masochistic to do this, because my spare time is almost zero. However, I started this and I'm going to finish it.
I think that this could be an activity for girls who are currently on vacation or currently don't have a job. It requires a minimum investment and is a good opportunity to win some money, by selling them. Do not be afraid, there are many tutorials.
What are the disadvantages?
At first, the time. Until you realize what accessories you need and how to manufacture the bracelets, it takes a while. The invested time decreases proportional with the increase of experience, but is a time that if you don't have, you will remain without bracelets... so, finally, you get to buy more expensive,
already made bracelets.

 I hope you find my ideas useful. Once I get more experienced I'll show you other ones.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Livin' la vida loca

Have you ever considered:

  • giving up everything you've built up to now,
  • quiting the job you have,
  • selling everything you have,
  • putting some clothes in a suitcase,
  • and together with your life partner ... move on an island?

I personally didn't give it a thought until I recently discovered blog.
For those of you who don't  know the Romanian language ... this blog is about an unconventional couple, who completely changed his life, unwanting to wake up "every day thinking about the bank rates, the mortgage, the first home, the car leasing,  the holes in the asphalt, the snow on the roads and the authorities bad snow removal " but "to have vacation every day, to see the sunny weather every day, to feel the smell of the ocean every day", on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

I find it extremely tempting, but I, with my constant desire to have everything under control, surely couldn't lead such a life ...

remain a member of apartment and car rate payers category ... I daily climb holes in the asphalt and in the winter I get really enoyedwhen the snow isn't  removed fast enough ... however it's my life, which I love and which I consider perfect, although, I'm sure, it has at least a thousand flaws.

How about you? Are you happy with your life? Would you like to start over on an island?

P.S. Don't forget about the zipper brooches giveaway.

Top :: New Yorker
Skirt :: bought from a blog sale (here)
Sandals :: Zara
Bag :: Joyz (local store)
Sunglasses :: found on a beach in Italy
Bracelet :: New Yorker
Necklace :: Miniprix Outlet

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thank you, Almighty!

I admit with utmost sincerity that since I started writing this blog my style has known an ascension {or so I like to believe}. I no longer buy clothes, but pieces {I do not expect my criteria in terms of pieces of clothing to match all others criteria}.

Until recently I had the feeling that all the clothes in my wardrobe are some pieces of a puzzle thrown in the closet. At this point, I think the puzzle pieces began to merge. It is true that I invested a lot in this chapter in the past few months.

I do not want to sound snob, I'm sure there are many other
uplifting things in which to invest money , but what to do if this is my greatest passion?

Every day I'm very grateful that I have a job where I go with pleasure and is paid well enough to provide me
, in a more than decent way, the means to satisfy all my necessities: starting with the simple going outs with hubby, to holidays, clothes and even donations.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Confucius

P. S. I invite you to participate in the the zipper brooches giveaway. They are for free and it will expire in just a week.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Need some ice?

These days, when the temperature is so high, I remembered February, when hubby and I spent a romantic weekend in the mountains. It snowed so much that we came close not to return home. Authorities had closed almost all roads back home. Luckily we managed to come back healthy after a 8 hours drive and a  100 km detour {normally it's a 3 hours drive}.

I cooled down a little looking at these fairy tale pictures and I hope they have produced the same effect on you too, dear readers.

These pictures reflect one of the reasons I started this blog: the desire to share my vision of what is beautiful in this world.
I hope you like them too.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekend routine

I always find excuses to not exercise, although I have planted in my son's bedroom, two devices: an elliptical trainer and a leg magic exercise machine. Both currently serve as hangers ... and I could not believe when I heard the other girls saying that.

However, I try to compensate somehow inactivity, through long walks. Stay calm, I'm not trying to get drunk with cold water, I'm aware I'm not burning many calories, but still... it must count for something ...

The pictures below reflect the ideal outfit for a walk along the Danube River.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pool fun

Until we go back to the sea, we had to cool this torrid heat. How? We could have stayed in the house, enjoing the breeze of the air conditioning device or  we could have gone to a pool. We preferred the second alternative for reasons which will justify themselves just looking over the images below.

P. S. For those unaware, the blondy, playing with my son, is my sister. I'm sorry I didn't catch any picture with her six pack ab.
I think she will feel embarrassed when she will read these lines ... Love u sis!

Friday, 6 July 2012

3 x Zipper jewelry GIVEAWAY

In order to show my appreciation towards you, kind people, who read my daily thoughts, I decided to host my first GIVEAWAY. What's the stake for this? Well.. you can see for yourselves from the pictures below.
To be more precise... one of you will get not one, not two, but three zipper pieces. At your own choice.

What you have to do is:
1. tell me which are the three pieces you want;
2. follow me via Facebook or GFC;
3. leave me a comment telling me what's your opinion about this blog;
4. if you want to be contacted by me, in case you win, please leave also your email.

The winning criteria is honesty. I don't expect to get positive reviews, but honest reviews.

P.S. The giveaway is international and ends on 20th of July.
1.   2.  

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sales fever!

I'm in a moment in my life when I want to save some money for the summer holiday planned in august, but I picked such a bad time, that I just can't believe myself when I say it.
It's SALES time!!!
And I have a 100 euros wish list on Asos ... with on sale items ... a budget from which I already spent more than half by a double acquisition done last weekend and by an online shopping session with colleagues from work done this week .. also
with on sale items ...
My mind is still with
the Asos wish list ... Obviously, I have a vice ... a very expensive vice ... 
I wonder if it can be treated ...

P. S. The bag in the pictures is one of  the recent sales acquisitions, from RESERVED.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It's a beautiful world out there....

As I mentioned before, last weekend I went to my grandmother's to the country side, with my husband and my son. I couldn't let this experience unmentioned since I made a lot of shots with many simple things, I could say even trivial, but so beautiful, such as: the sunflower field, the organic vegetables, freshly picked, the animals from the yard, Adi in the barn, the cows grazing on the field.

I wish I haven't bored you and I wish I have awakened a little thrill in you, to remind you that the world is so beautiful ... beyond the purses, bracelets and other pieces of clothing, which, without being hypocrite, have their charm ... but they do not make the essence of life.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Date outfit

As I mentioned in a previous post I was supposed to go out with my husband. Those of you who follow me may have noticed that it kind of became our every weekend routine. We took the child to my parents home, we went for a short walk, we made ​​these cute photos, and after that we went to a restaurant and had dinner.

After dinner you could say that we returned home. Well... It didn't happen that ....

At my cute husband's suggestion, we went to the mall where I took advantage of 50% sales buying two bags, that I will show you in a future post. This weekend we went to my grandmother in the countryside, but this is also a story I'll tell you about in a future post.

It seems we have a busy week ahead. So I'll hear you soon ... xoxo

P.S. In the second picture we didn't capture a ghost... it was the smoke from my husbands cigarette.