Thursday, 31 January 2013

My favorite online shop

Today I decided to write about a Romanian online shop for clothes, accessories and more.
The decision came naturally. I received so much from this site and that it is normal to give something back ... for free {Note that this is not a sponsored post}. is kind of a
multi brand outlet {or at least so I understood} that sells products belonging to famous brands but at much lower prices. When the end of the season comes, brands liquidate their stocks to make room for new collections and products appear, to my happiness, on In other words, I buy trendy quality pieces, with minimum cost.

Besides cost issues I would like to mention that transportation for orders over 23€ is free of charge and the return of products you don't want to keep is also free. This is so cool since the
messenger comes both to bring and to pick up the products to your place.

And to prove that what I'm saying is totally true, here are some products I purchased over the years on

P.S. Thank you guys for making all this possible.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Wide leg trousers

I know very good that these are not the best quality pictures I've shared with you and I've been wondering whether to post or not.
After intense fighting I decided to show them, because they totally reflect the local scenery: landscape in shades of gray and intense cold {
And besides, I couldn't miss showing you my wide leg
trousers, covering the foot ... They are awesome. They are obviously custom made. Being a very tall girl it is impossible to find them ready-made.

I wore this outfit to the Saturday night date, with my husband.

P.S. The polyvore combination listed below it's a far far away dream of mine...

Wide leg trousers

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beautiful things

I know I haven't been as active as I should, but given the fact I am my own boss I'm allowed to skip some blog posts from once in awhile. This doesn't mean I was hibernating. I simply didn't have a notable achievement to share with you {sad... I know}.

Today I decided to write because I wanted to recommend you some beautiful things that delighted me during my "nonhibernation" time.

TV Series - Parenthood - this series was recommended to me by a work colleague. I was afraid to watch it since I didn't want to cause an addiction that we wouldn't have been able to interpose in our busy schedule. Trusting her opinion, I gave the pilot a chance, then episode 2, and episode 3 ... and now we almost finished the first season. I'm not a big fan of series, but this one seems to speak in many ways about my life. Therefore I see it as a point of view, sometimes as a help, without forgetting that it is fiction after all.
If the time allows you, I recommend you to give it a try.

Music - I don't know why, but listening to this music gives me a good feeling.

Fashion - These days I fell in love several times with: some boots, some shoes, some more boots.
My husband says I fall in love too fast.

Blog - Pacing the Panic Room - is a blog that was closed a while ago and which I've recently discovered. There are people who have the gift of writing, and the author of this blog is one of them. It's the kind of blog that simply absorbs you ... even when talking about nothing.
How cool is that?

House - we are in point when we want to give
a touch of personality to our home decor. Here are some places that perfectly match my soul.

Pictures from here, here, here

Photography - as I mentioned in a previous post, I became a big fan of Instagram. I was delighted to discover Marieke {@mariekedejj}, whose photos simply cut my breath. I'm aware that most of them weren't taken ​​with the phone, however the talent and the eye to capture so many beautiful things can not be annulled
What do you say, am I right or not?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I'm a lucky girl

One morning, when I was heading to the office, I had the chance to catch the sunrise from the Danube.  I could not resist the temptation to photograph it and share with you what I managed to capture.
It was a spectacular phenomenon that gave me a feeling of good, joy I might say, because I was so lucky to be alive and see it.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sincere thoughts...

There are so many things that happen these days in my life that I could do an epic post.
I obviously don't feel at ease to come here and tell you in detail the events that irreversible mark my existence, but I can convey the lessons I'm drawing from them ... without thinking about myself that I'm a statue of integrity and best practices.

And now the list of lessons...

1. Things have the tendency to balance in life... when you have the feeling that all the doors close and there is no more hope, don't despair ... certainly other doors will open.
2. Our life is made ​​up of a huge number of cyclical experiences... if you made a mistake in the way you approached a situation at some point, don't worry, the situation will return sooner or later in your life, thus giving you the chance to react differently ... it would be a shame to repeat the same mistake again.
3. The way our psyche is facing every day situations can ensure half of the success of overcoming them ... the brain must be "trained" to think positively regardless of the seriousness of the situation {is very hard to do this training and I can not brag about my success in this matter, but the one who manages I dare cataloging him as invincible in this life}.
4. Nothing happens by chance in life... I can't give a physical explanation for this ... but I know there's always a good reason to justify all the experiences we go through life.
5. Don't take anything for granted... if your financial situation is good, doesn't mean it will always be good - you have to work and evolve to make sure of this. If you love and are loved, doesn't mean that it will always be this way - you must be constantly attentive to the person next to you, to his needs, to his desires, you must communicate and make sure that he permanently knows what you feel for him and in return, he is sincere in his feelings towards you...

I do not know how I manged, but I wrote an epic post... I wish you to have the patience to read it and remember at least once in your life you've had the chance to read it.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Instagram - not just an application

The first time I came into possession of my iPhone I wasn't very excited about its capabilities. Little by little I obviously got absorbed and learned to love it in all respects.

Instragram is one of the applications I use most often on my iPhone. I like very much it's ability to transform, through effects, an ordinary picture into a small work of art ...and I love the fact that I get access to intimate details of people's lives in a more transparent and more credible way than
through blogs themselves. I dare to say that I'm getting to know people through the photos they share and I can't say why, but I REALLY LIKE IT.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sweet cheese pie

It has never been a secret that I'm not passionate about cooking. Furthermore, I'm not ashamed to admit that my husband is masterchef in our kitchen and I'm just the help... and that occasionally, to my shame ... {please do not pity my husband, he is passionate about this chapter, at which he is very skillful, and all the more I do not want to stand in the way of his happiness}.

This year I'm determined to balance a little the situation. I'll be more involved in what cooking means and I will get back here on the blog to show you the results.

Please be gentle with the criticism ... I'm training.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ready, set, go!

I have one more day of vacation. I will get back to work on Monday with fresh forces and revived... I dare to say.

During this vacation I rested, I walked, I had fun, I cooked, I spent time with my family, I did too much shopping ... in a word ... I did everything and to be honest it would have been a shame to be otherwise.

I'm leaving you with some 
pictures from the New Year's Eve party and I wish you to have a week with not too many challenges.

Dress::ASOS / Ankle boots::Graceland via Deichmann / Necklace::Local boutique

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I get a good feeling...

The year 2013 is here. Two days have passed, and I already know it will be a better year than 2012 ... How do I know? Well ... Here's the answer:

What are your feelings regarding 2013?

Jacket::New Yorker / Sweater::New Yorker / Boyfriend jeans::ASOS / Snood, Gloves & Bag::Reserved