Monday, 26 May 2014


The other day I had a heated discussion with The Half, which culminated with his almost desperate request: Could you be simpler?

It's a request that I fully understand, sometimes I drive myself crazy by my way of being, let alone him. Sometimes I ask myself too many questions, sometimes I make too many assumptions, sometimes I don't know what I want, sometimes I don't want anymore what I wanted, sometimes I over analyze everything, sometimes I ask for perfection...

I can't help but wonder...
If I weren't like this, would I still be here now?
If I were to change (I could try, but hard to believe that I will succeed), what will I become? I don't know myself in an another way than the complicated way.

Isn't the expression simple girl an oxymoron?

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Man style

Today I decided to bring up the subject - the partner's wardrobe.
I like to think my style has improved over the years and so did my partner's. We grew up together...
I have never liked those couples in which her... super elegant, wearing skirt and stilettos... goes arm to arm with him... dressed in sweatpants and sneakers. Of course everyone is free to wear whatever he feels it suits him, nonetheless... call me old fashion... I don't like these couples. I'm sorry I deviated from the main topic.

My husband doesn't have any problem with buying clothes for himself whenever he considers that he needs something or he notices a piece of clothing, through a window shop. Don't get me wrong, he is far from being a shopaholic... he just has the sporadic patience to wonder the stores to buy necessities and that's all.

However, from several experiences we found out that we don't have 100% common tastes. There are chances if my husband buys something, I won't like it and the item becomes a donation or ends up lying in a corner of the closet. Therefore, we agreed to go shopping together or to let me buy him whatever he needs. The chances to buy something and my husband to not like it or to have the wrong measure are almost zero. Lucky me!

How is it on your side? Do you have a demanding partner? Do you buy clothes for him or you just advise him?

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Trend alert - dresses with sneakers

Mother: Is this how they wear it now? Sneakers with dress?
Me: Ohhh, dear mother... if you only knew...

I think I noticed this trend at the begging of 2013 and I simply couldn't understand how someone could wear sneakers with a dress. I'm sure there are many who still look at this combination with amazement, but I've learned over the years to ignore the limited vision of some people and associate it with a lack of fashion culture.

There are trends I observe and which I ignore because they simply don't represent me. On the other hand, there are trends which at first I ignore... but after some time, most probably because of the blogosferic influence, I change my mind...
The current example is very eloquent in this case.

Now tell me what's your opinion regarding this trend: dresses with sneakers? Would you dare to wear such a combination?

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Home sweet home

One of the things I've always wanted badly was to have my own living space and decorate it on my taste.

To understand some of my background in regard to living spaces pay some attention to the following lines:
- until the age of 18 I lived in the family home, a 3 room apartment, decorated on my mother's taste... I don't want to go into this subject because you know how they say: de gustibus non est disputandum... By the way, did your mother ever moved the furniture around the house 4 times a year?
- at the age of 18 I went to college and lived in some people's home for a couple of years, then another 3 years in a student dormitory... no, I don't want to go into details, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to live in a student dormitory. To understand a little the idea, there were times when we were 7 people in a room ... boys and girls... no comment.
- after college I spent two years in a rented old house, along with two other girls... Basically we were three couples, each one with his room. In summer it was pretty nice... we had an amazing garden, fruit trees, a garden grill, a swing... In winter... we had to make fire in a wood stove. It was romantic to sit in the heat of the wood stove and hear the wood crackles, while sitting in the boyfriend's arms. Nonetheless, the wood purchasing, the fire kindling itself... that's another story... And the noises that could be heard from the attic... I'd better not go there, otherwise I'll risk causing you a nightmare... no comment.
- we bought our on apartment after one year of marriage, when practically we became parents.
- since then 5 years have passed.

The apartment was relatively renovated, but we've done all sorts of improvements to bring it closer to our standards. Finally, I feel that this year we will reach our target completely. At the current time we are in the process of renovation and if the result will match my expectations I will come here on the blog and show it to you. :D

I've told you my story, now it's your turn to tell me about your living places experiences.

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Let's do some smart shopping

During the ZARA online shop launching all photos I've shared on Facebook enjoyed great success ... I mean in terms of likes and comments. I was very surprised and happy at the same time to observe to what are, people following me, responsive. That is until two nights ago, when I posted a picture of me dressed more seriously than usual and wearing hipster vision glasses.

Thank you for all the attention and for all the kind words you have shared with me. I didn't know that this kind of combination resonates with the style of so many readers of my blog. I promise I'll will come more often in front of you like this, because this style represents me as much as the one presented in the canola field. :D

Now... about the jacket. Some of you asked me where is it from and how mush does it cost. I know it's from C&A, but I don't know how much did it cost because I received it as a gift. I'm sure you'll still be able to find it in C&A, but have in mind to better go there on 10th of May (tomorrow), because this is the day when they will be celebrating Fashion Day, with 25% discount on every product you will be purchasing.

Since I have my eyes for a while on a boho denim vest and on a pair of sandals I will definitely go there tomorrow. I have in mind an amazing combination and I have to get it out of my brains. :D

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tips for becoming a better blogger - part II

More than a year ago I wrote the article: 10 tips to become a better blogger... and I realized, re-reading it, that it's still very actual. I invite you to read it, in case you have some spare minutes. The article is mostly useful to bloggers.

I meant to write a continuance earlier, but didn't manage to do it... until now. Therefore... here you go...

It's very important to know in which direction you want to orient and increase the blog. People decide to follow you for a reason, let's say they resonate with your style. In other words, they are interested mostly in the fashion side of the blog. The decision to share personal aspects of life, like pictures of your baby, food recipes, etc. can be very risky. Of course this shouldn't stop you from doing it, ultimately the blog represents all that YOU are. Who likes you honestly does it unconditionally. But... if you want the blog to become a source of income is good to note this aspect of the areas of interest in order not to get your readers confused. As an extra tip I would say if you decide to post something out of the main area of the blog, you should ensure that it is as qualitative and attractive.

People appreciate things they can't have, original things, uncommon things. How do I know this? From my own experience.
I remember writing an article when I was very nervous. I needed to somehow unload the pressure (for those who are curious, here is the article). Readers quickly punished me, because approximately 20 people unfollowed me on FB. Cool, isn't it? Maybe the persons who unfollowed were the stress factors. :D Again ... I'm not saying that you should care, on the other hand don't condemn people who unfollow you. Who needs to read about others stress when they probably have theirs, right? People are looking for relaxation when browsing through blogs and I totally understand that.

I personally have another problem. I don't like to write about nothing. On one hand this can be a positive thing, because when writing about deeper things people get to know you better, but on the other hand can be a negative thing because writing a long article with a particular essence takes more time, with the risk that people won't read it... and not because they don't want to, but because they don't have the time. I hope this is not the case with this article too :D.

For the moment I will stop here, but I have some more ideas to share... of course in a future post: writing in multiple languages​​, the usefulness of giveaways, FB advertising. Interesting, isn't it?

Hoping that I haven't wasted my time writing this article and that someone will find it useful, I will be expecting your priceless feedback.

Friday, 2 May 2014

The bigger, the better

Before starting this blog I thought I knew my way with fashion. That was one of the reasons for starting the blog... Well... looking back now... I didn't. I'm not trying to say that now I know my way, but the fact I've improved a lot is a certainty.

Let's take as example the statement necklace trend. Some say it's not a trend anymore, others say it will never fade as a trend, I say... give me one and I will show you it goes even with pajamas.

Of course, if I look back more than two years ago, when I didn't have a fashion blog, if you gave me a necklace like the one I'm wearing in the pictures, I wouldn't have known what to do with it. Maybe I would have sad it goes perfectly with a black party dress. Typical, right?

Nowadays, I'm not saying that it doesn't go with a black dress, because that would be a lie, but I'm telling you also it goes perfectly with simple t-shirts and denim. At least this is what I see and I'm really expecting you to tell me what you see.

I liked the blue stoned necklace from the first moment I laied my eyes on Borealy. When I received it and saw it for real, it became pure love. It seems to me, I'm not the only romanian fashion blogger in love with Borealy jewelry and from reactions I got on Instagram and Facebook I understood that neither you remained impassibile when seeing the blue beauty.

P.S. Happy belated labor day!

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