Monday 6 August 2012

Our life in terms of food

In terms of food we have a pretty good routine. When there was just hubby and me, everything was very simple, we improvised something on the spot and there was the meal. Since our baby was born, we had to have some predictability regarding nutrition.

The specialist in our family is hubby. He grew up in a family with 3 sisters from which he learned many things. To be honest, I think he also has a passion for cooking.

From the posted images you may notice that we don't eat specialties, but it is so tasty that it's hard to refrain from.

Roasted chicken with grilled vegetables

Soup a la Grecque

Stuffed peppers

Rice with roasted chicken

Mashed potatoes with roasted chicken

Baked bred {also bought}

Baked bred

Sponge cake {this is how we bought it, crashed}

Sponge cake

Apples {hubby's favorite} and peaches {my favorites}

În termeni de alimentaţie avem o rutină destul de bine pusă la punct. Când eram doar eu şi hubby totul era foarte simplu, improvizam ceva pe loc şi gata cu mâncarea. De când a apărut puiul mic trebuie să avem o oarecare predictibilitate în materie de alimentaţie.

La acest capitol specialistul din familie este hubby. A crescut într-o familie cu 3 surori şi a avut de la cine învăţa. Ca să fiu sinceră cred că este vorba şi de o pasiune pentru gătit.

Din imaginile postate o să observaţi că nu mâncăm cine ce ştie ce specialităţi, dar e atât de gustoasă încât e greu să te abţii.


  1. Mirela Mormocea6 August 2012 at 20:53


  2. That looks delicious!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :) you have a great one too! It seems really similar to my blog topic. A little bit of fashion, a little bit of lifestyle, a lot of personality!

  3. yummy, the food looks delicious, am now feeling hungry

  4. geez! that all looks so good! I think your husband is better at that than I am!

  5. Arata super :X Felicitari bucatarului :))

  6. I think your lucky that your husband has a passion for cooking.
    Everything looks so delicious. You made me hungry :D


  7. Mmmmm I'm wanna bite my screen;)

  8. Am deschis blogul tau atunci cind imi era si mie cel mai tare foame!

    Am fugit! Merci de inspiratie LOL

    BTW I have a new post check it out!

  9. Can't wait to eat it!!!! good job!!!

  10. Si noi mancam mancare gatita traditionala dar ne plac si altfel de mancaruri,mai sanatoase si mai aspectuoase.Bucataria mediteraneana este cea mai sanatoasa.

    Oricum nici eu nu ma pot abtine de la combinatii periculoase pentru ca sunt tare gustoase.

  11. Great blog dear.
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  12. holy crud. this looks insanely deliscious!!

    xoxo, Amy

  13. I'm feeling hungry now hehehe nice pics! come and check out my blog. maybe we can follow each other :)

  14. Mi-ai facut pofta de cozonac! :)