Wednesday 8 August 2012

Show must go on

Keeping a blog active and interesting it's a work which isn't always easy. To some people this comes up by itself, without too much effort, because they have stories to tell, because they have interesting things to show, and to others, this comes with a lot of sweat, in the absence of interesting events in their lives.
To be honest I think I fit somewhere in between. There are times in my life when I could write one post every day, but there are times when many days in a row I am very busy with work and family activities, that I no longer find the time to put any thought in writing.

However, I really want to continue writing because I believe my opinion worth being expressed and, why not, followed.

Sunglasses :: Takko
Necklace :: No name
Shirt :: No name
Trousers :: Cropp
Sandals :: Zara
Bracelet :: H&M

A ţine un blog activ şi interesant în permanenţă nu este o muncă foarte uşoară. La unii vine de la sine, fără prea mult efort, pentru că au ce povesti, pentru că au lucruri interesante de arătat, iar la alţii vine cu multă sudoare, în absenţa evenimentelor interesante din viaţa lor.

Ca să fiu sinceră eu cred că mă încadrez pe undeva la mijloc. Sunt perioade în viaţa mea când parcă aş putea să scriu câte un post zi de zi, dar sunt şi perioade când zile întregi sunt foarte ocupată cu serviciul, dar şi cu activităţile familiale, încât nu mai găsesc timpul să mai aştern vreun gând în scris.

Cu toate astea, îmi doresc foarte mult să continui să scriu, pentru că am convingerea că am o opinie ce merită exprimată şi de ce nu, urmată.


  1. Si mie imi place ce scrii si iti urmaresc textele.

    Te pupic dulce,

  2. I love this outfit.. you look like such a model!

  3. Couldn't agree with you more on all points! The being in the middle has its up sides like the pretty colors you're wearing! Pretty outfit, pretty lady, pretty middle!! :)

    XOXO Dana

  4. I agree. Sometimes the "show must go on" and even though you may think what you have to say isn't intriguing, some people actually find it inspiring. For example, I think your honesty in this post keeps reminding me why I blog to begin with!

    Understated Classics

  5. Si eu am perioade si perioade, sunt zile la rand cand nu apuc sa scriu ceva din lipsa de timp, dar asta este, vin si zile mai bune cand recuperez. Ador tinuta ta, e foarte lejera, colorata, camasa are o culoare frumoasa si iti vine foarte bine.

  6. Yeah I agree it´s so much work(too much)sometimes. I´m always looking forward to your posts.
    The pics are marvellous. You look pretty and stylish. I´m going to check out takko cos I like the dress(with the stars)in one of your previous posts and the sunnies.
    To tell you the truth what you have to say is always interessting even when you say that you have nothing to say!!!!


    1. Mira, you are always in my soul, for these comments. Thank you.

    2. BTW, that Takko dress was bought from teenagers category. That is the section where they have the nicest pieces of clothing, in my opinion.

  7. Se vede foarte frumos materialul camasii in lumnina naturala.
    Imi place si bratara care da impresia de un set de 3 bratari.Foarte glam!

    Te pup si capul sus ca o sa fie bine!

  8. Mirela Mormocea9 August 2012 at 20:16


  9. cute outfit, i love the blouse. nice photo location

  10. I love that shirt on you. The color suits you well :)

    - Victoria

  11. your hair looks great!!! :)
    wish i could pull that off :)

  12. Wow, lovely blog!
    I'm your follower n. 95 I hope you follow me back
    I wish you a beautiful day!

  13. UIte si umbra mea mai sus :)) A facut o pasiune pentru cei care imi comenteaza pe blog :))) Nu te poti plictisi in blogosfera :))

    1. Nu am înţeles foarte bine, ce anume vrei să spui.

  14. Oh this is good! yaou hair, tour bracelet and your shoes are good!
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know :)

    Lucca Yoga

  15. Love the colors! Thanks for visiting my blog, I already followed you! Hope you can follow back soon <3

  16. Foarte frumoasa camasa, si tu dear! :*

  17. great style !!! i follow you ! !

  18. very nice,darling! mult succes !

  19. Loving your style ! I think you should blog just when you have the time and are inspired. I also have difficulties in keeping up with work, house, family and also blog...I rarely post more than three times per week. Some bloggers do post everyday but for me it would be too much...I think every blogger has to find her perfect timing, it can be everyday or once a week, the important thing is to blog for fun and fulfillment ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    If you want we could follow each other on gfc, bloglovin and facebook !
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  21. Im follwing you on GFC and bloglovin!

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  23. De acord 100% cu tine, pina la urma sa mentii un blog nice nu e atit de usor!
    Foarte frumoasa Zadin, si tunsoare e super, as mentiona ca ai ceva in comun cu Jessica Biel!

    xoxo Dia.

  24. Hey girlie! I just wanted you to know that I'm awarding you the Liebster award because I love your little blog! :) Hope you had the best weekend! Check my blog for the details! :)

  25. Abia acum am dat pe profilul tau si implicit pe blog. Imi place si este de apreciat faptul ca scrii si in engleza.
    Mi te imaginam mai in varsta si acum imi dau seama doar ca esti matura si in acelasi timp tanara si frumoasa.
    De acum te urmaresc, nu stiam ca ai blog.

    O seara cat mai frumoasa sa ai.