Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New beginning

As I mentioned before, this weekend I attended the 10 years high school graduation reunion.

By day, we all returned for a couple of hours behind the school desks and  by night, we all got together to a restaurant where we ate, talked and danced {not necessarily in this order}.

This reunion has given me the chance to rethink the past 10 years in terms of accomplishments.  I'm not modest and I'm saying that there were many of them, few of the most important being my marriage and my son. On the other hand, this introspection has made me realize that in the past years I've become an workaholic, over perfectionist, obsessed of always being in control and super demanding {these are only few that come into my mind}. I'm sure that all the above features aren't flaws but I can't help my self to think: Isn't life to short to be super in all?

My life has made a turn, from this weekend on. I can't tell for now if it's in the right direction.. we will just have to see {after another 10 years} :).

Nonetheless, I have a strong feeling  that it's positive change.


  1. I like your sandals :)

  2. you look just fabulous :D . best dressed and you are the prettiest. do you know what´s funny. i feel like it´s a new beginning for me too and no doubt it´s the right direction <3

    1. Thank you, Mira, for your kind words. I'm glad to hear you are headed too in a new direction.

  3. You look so elegant! There's a reason Coco Chanel once said that "the most beautiful girls wear black" :)



  4. I'm trying to imagine where I'll be at my 10-year reunion mark. I hope it's somewhere awesome! Anyway, you look super elegant and chic in these photos!

  5. Ce imi plac reuniunile!Pana acum am tot ratat astfel de evenimente din cauza banilor sau a temerilor de penibil caci sincer de cand am terminat studiile nu am avut realizari...