Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy mother's day!

The woman has the super power of giving birth, of giving life.
Of course, she wouldn't be able to do that without help from a man.
So it's fair to say the love between a woman and man materializes in a bundle of joy, baby boy or baby girl.
In our case {me and my husband}, the love became this wonderful boy, who gives our life a meaning and a reason for being.
Because of him, I can be called a mother and I can live the experience of motherhood, which is one of the best things in the whole wide world.

I love you, ADI!


  1. that was awesome. you know i would probably steal him ;-) . i wish i could bring my foot up like that. i´m the most inflexible person alive :D .
    i forgot to wish you a happy mother´s day so i do that now, i´m sorry

  2. Thank you for always being there Mira, I appreciate this.

  3. i think all days have to be mother's dayy eheh!
    great post honey!!

    have a nice day!


  4. :) So cute!Femeia ar trebui sa fie respectata,apreciata si iubita in fiecare zi,nu doar o luna pe an sau la ocazii speciale!