Tuesday 8 May 2012

Multi bracelet

I always see these multitudes of bracelets on girls hands and some questions pop into my mind:
Does a person sleep with them on? Is it okay to wash with them on? Do they put them on/take them off every day? If this is the case, doesn't this take too much long?
I really like this bohemian look and knowing the answer to these question would help me a lot to decide whether to buy a set or not.


  1. i love the multi bracelet look. yes if you put it on and off again every day it takes awhile. that´s why i don´t wear it all the time. i don´t wash with them on and i can´t sleep with jewelry on. others can sleep with it so i think it depends on the person :D . the first and the second pic are my favs xo

    1. Thank you for this information Mira, it really helps me. My favorites are the first and the fourth.

  2. superb inspirations - I'm so addicted to wrist junks <3
    would you like to follow each other?