Thursday 10 May 2012

2 in 1

The title doesn't say too much, but look at the below pictures...

Seeing these pictures has made me think about the centaur. Half human, half horse.
Here instead, I see the head of  a beautiful woman on a man's body.
I'm hypnotized by the beauty of this face and at the same time I'm stunned to find out that it's a man behind it.

How would you feel to be a woman and at the same time a man? It's a blessing or a curse?


  1. it´s great i´ll be back soon.

  2. boy or girl, those photos are beautiful.
    and I think it would be a challenge to fit in, whoever that is, they stand out, in a good way :).

    xoxo, Amy

  3. he got me. you won´t think he´s actually a man. it´s quite unfair that he´s handsome either way :D

    1. Yes, this is what I'm thinking also... so unfair..

  4. Jeez, I adore him, he is a dump blonde like me :) and he was born in Serbia, like my mother! Man/woman, I don´t care, I would love him, even if he were an alien. Actually I think, I´m from outerspace... btw thank you sooo much for your nice comments

    xoxo Holly