Sunday, 1 April 2012

Everything happens for a reason!

The other day I was trying to figure a way to alter a coat of mine.

I don't like very much a detail that surrounds the waist and I was trying to imagine if I were to take it of... I was going to ruin the coat?

My sister, who was with me at that time, told me... Something woke up in you.. I don't know how you will do it, but kill it.

I took a moment and I told her that my creative spirit has woke up. I suddenly have an urge to write poems, to paint... to put my mark on as many things as I can.

Maybe it's a 2012 year thing...Maybe it has something to do with the dragon year...

I had other bursts of creativity, in the past, but they died rapidly... This time it seems to hang on and {between you and me}I want to keep it as most as I can...

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